The Best of 2015

Friday, January 8, 2016

Every year by December, I'm ready to quit photography. I am stressed, tired, my body is physically falling apart, I don't get to see my family, my house is destroyed, and I'm just done. I know many photographers feel the same way. September through December is for photographers what February through April is for accountants. Thank goodness for January. If it wasn't for this glorious month I would have quit this business years ago.

I've had two weeks off from photography, and now I'm rejuvenated and ready for 2016. But before I move forward, I wanted a chance to look back and bask in the great parts of the year that I was too busy to enjoy. By doing so, I've remembered why I love this job so much. I've witnessed some emotional and amazing moments, I've found beauty in locations that many would overlook, and most importantly, I have met so many amazing people who I now consider my friends. 

When you strip away the business end of things - my job is pretty amazing. I'm grateful to have these photos to remind me of this. So to all of my clients - thank you. Here are my favorites from 2015.

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