Digital Christmas Card Fundraiser

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Two days ago, I was placing some Christmas card orders and it hit me how much money Americans spend on Christmas cards every year; from the cards to the postage. I would take a guess most people spend at least $100 - $150 on cards, if not more. I decided this year I wouldn't send out Christmas cards, but instead create a digital card to share on facebook and through email. I am then using the money I save to donate to one of my favorite causes.

What if more people jumped on my little bandwagon? How awesome would that be! Or what if you already sent out cards, but you want to get involved anyway!

I had some ideas floating around in my brain, so I met with my girls from "The Called", a new ministry in Watertown, NY. We came up with an awesome idea to raise money for some of our favorite organizations.

So that is what I am going to help you do!

I am teaming up with Lauren, from Lauren Photography and Design and we are going to help you make awesome digital Christmas cards, so you can donate your money instead!

When: Sunday, December 8 (I know, it's last minute, but Christmas is only a few weeks away and I just came up with this idea!)

Where: New Life Christian Church at 225 Gaffney Dr, Watertown, NY (in the back of the plaza with CiCi's Pizza, Ollie's and the old JoAnn Fabrics)

Time: 2pm - 5pm. You can show up anytime, no pre registration or signing up is required.

How it Will Work: The photos will be taken inside the church, where we will have a festive backdrop all set up. When you arrive you will sign in, pick out which Christmas card template you want, and which organization you want to donate to. There will be information provided for each organization, or you can do your research ahead of time and click on the links below and visit their websites.

How Much: A minimum donation of $50 is required. This will get you two digital photos and a one-sided digital Christmas card. A minimum donation of $150 will get you 4 digital photos, a two-sided digital Christmas card, and a facebook cover photo that matches your Christmas card.

I hope you will join Lauren and me and give this Christmas season. Below is a sample of my family's digital Christmas card. This is what I will be sharing with my loved ones this year!

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