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Saturday, January 17, 2015

I love photographing proposals! I tend to get more nervous than the guys proposing; partly because I'm scared the girl will say no, and partly because it never fails that proposals happen in the worst weather and in the worst lighting situations. Luckily for me, this proposal had bad weather AND terrible lighting.  

My friends Ben and Casey had been talking about getting married, so that part wasn't a surprise. But Ben really wanted the actual proposal to come out of nowhere. He pretended for weeks that he couldn't afford a ring, and a proposal was not anytime in the near future. The hard part for me was that I knew about this, and I am terrible at keeping secrets! I had to work with Casey ALL DAY LONG at a bridal show... a freaking BRIDAL SHOW! Do you know the kind of torture I went through trying to pretend it was too early to start planning, when we were surrounded by wedding vendors! But I did it, and I think I deserve some sort of reward. Ben, if you're reading this, I take payment in the form of Yuengling.

So the day of our schemed proposal turned out to be smack dab in the middle of a blizzard. My entire drive to Casey's was a complete white-out - the kind where you have to stop your car and get out and check to make sure you are still driving on the road, and not in a cow pasture. 

Normally a friend would start to question why I would risk my life to hang out during a blizzard, but Casey thought we were going thrift shopping. Which, if you know me, is the reason I live and breath.

We started at the Thrifty Shopper, where I had planted Ben's first clue with the store clerk just minutes before picking Casey up. Watch the video below to see how it went down. (And thank you Casey, for complimenting my boots)

Right after I shut the camera off, Casey said "So are we still going shopping??".

And I'm thinking "Um no... you're getting engaged. FOCUS PLEASE!"

So the adventure started. Casey had NO idea a proposal was at the end of the scavenger hunt, because Ben had buttered her up with some lies about doing this "just because" and how bad he felt that he couldn't propose yet. She also thought he was in Rochester for the day. It's safe to say that Casey is easily the most gullible human being on this planet. I mean, who doesn't question someone photographing their every move?? She thought I was just photographing her for my 365 project. She should know I am nowhere near that dedicated. 

The first clue led her to where they first met; which was Cici's pizza in Watertown. And because of the blizzard, it was a ghost town in there. 

Clue # 2 was where they had their first date. Which, contrary to what Casey thought, was neither Applebees or TGI Fridays. It was Coleman's. 

Clue # 3 was where they won their softball championship. Apparently in the summer, this place looks like a softball field. All I saw was a frozen tundra with no visible driveway. So we had to park down the road and across the street. Thanks Ben. What better way to win a girl from Oklahoma's heart, than to send her outside in the middle of a blizzard.

Do you see what we had to go through!?

And here are the photos you've been waiting for. The proposal part of the hunt! So let me set this up for you: Casey still thinks that there is a gift waiting for her at the end, which was located at the place of their first wedding together: Sprig Studios at New Life Christian Church. 

And surprise again! Ben's entire family and Casey's parents via Skype were hiding in the control room of the studio the entire time! 

Casey - if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it... when he first gave it to you, not ten minutes later. 

If you were wondering what the note said that was in the gift bag, here you go. Ben's dad, Pastor Kirk Madea, is the one who gave Casey the good news. It's an inside joke... that will forever haunt that poor man.

Every proposal needs a cute kid #amiright

 Annnnndddd the whole gang. So exciting! Now it's time to plan a wedding!

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