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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

It's that time of year - the one time each year that I actually post on my blog. I'm not even going to make an excuse this time, I'll just admit I am terrible at keeping up with this. Except for when I have ten minutes before my youngest wakes up, and I am DYING to show off an amazing shoot.

Jenny is a super talented singer. She just finished up recording an album with her husband, and is now working on a solo album. When she asked me to take the photos for her album art I was sooooo excited! I mean, look at her. Can you believe she's had four children. FOUR!! We even had a super awkward moment while getting shots outside of a trendy new restaurant, because two guys kept banging on the window from the inside, trying to get her attention. Meanwhile... I was standing by like chopped liver with extremely messy hair (thankfully hidden by my awesome rePURPOSE headband.) I just can't compete with this woman!

We ventured to downtown Syracuse and found a few perfect locations for the look she was going for. And the light. Can we talk about the light? I would stop Jenny in one spot and take 100 shots of almost the same thing because I couldn't get enough. Good sunlight is an addiction in the photography world. 

Ok I'm done talking. These photos speak for themselves!

Jennifer Hopper - Album Art
Syracuse, NY
Hair + Makeup by Backwoods Beauty

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  1. Stunning. Absolutely stunning. I couldn't be any happier. Thanks you, Jessica.


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