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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Do you want to win a FREE styled photo shoot by Jovial Photography with hair and makeup by Backwoods Beauty!? 

So here's the deal: You can win a FREE styled photoshoot, complete with FREE hair & airbrush makeup! The value of this shoot is more than $400! Why would I give away such an awesome prize for a contest you ask? Well, I LOVE styled shoots more than anything else I photograph, and I really want a chance to start promoting these shoots, so this is a fun way to do it and get the word out there! The winner will sit down with myself and Alycia Smith (owner and stylist of Backwoods Beauty) and come up with a concept for their styled shoot, and book the session when all parties are available.

Here is how you enter:
1. Decide who you want to enter the contest with (maximum of 4 people). There is no age requirement.
2. Find a photo of the people entering the contest. It can be ANY photo, taken from a phone, a camera, or from a professional. It doesn't matter what kind of photo (as long as it's appropriate and you have permission to use it).
3. E-mail the photo to me at Include the names of the people in the photo from left to right, your contact information and please put "Photo Contest" in the subject line.
5. You can only be entered in the contest once! So if you submit a photo of yourself and Joe, then your other friend Sue submits a photo of you and her, you will have to decide who you want to enter the contest with and only submit that ONE photo. 

What happens next?
This is the part that confused people, so here is how it will go down.

1. Once I receive all of the submissions by the March 27th deadline, I will then upload all of the photos to an album on my facebook page, and the facebook page of Backwoods Beauty.
2. Once the photos are uploaded, the voting will begin. There will be TWO weeks to vote! 
3. You can vote for photos by "liking" them on BOTH facebook pages. Here is the catch - VOTES WILL NOT COUNT IF THE PERSON DOES NOT ALSO LIKE THE JOVIAL PHOTOGRAPHY AND BACKWOODS BEAUTY FACEBOOK PAGES.

So let me repeat that. I will combine the likes from both pages and the photo with the most combined likes will WIN! BUT - only likes will count from people who also like Jovial Photography and Backwoods Beauty facebook pages. 

The winner will be notified immediately and then details for shoot will be discussed between myself, Alycia Smith and the winner(s). 

So what are you waiting for! Find a photo of you and your friends, you and your boyfriend, you and your kids, or just you, and submit it!! It's that easy! If you have any questions leave them in the comments section below!

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